"i've learned that to be with the ones i love is enough." - walt whitman

24th November 2012

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wednedsay, november 28th, 2012open mic night to benefit red cross: disaster relief
travis alexanderthe offseasonmauraeverything and everyoneeggy benedictchris delorenzodavid tanklefskyand more…
johnny cupcakes | boston, ma$5 | 7pm
facebook event page: here. 


wednedsay, november 28th, 2012
open mic night to benefit red cross: disaster relief

travis alexander
the offseason
everything and everyone
eggy benedict
chris delorenzo
david tanklefsky
and more…

johnny cupcakes | boston, ma
$5 | 7pm

facebook event page: here

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    Event in Boston @lastclick www.lastclick.com/helpsandy #sandyrelief #auction @farm2me
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    I’ll be performing a spoken word piece, def stop by if you can.
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