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7th January 2013

Question with 4 notes

Anonymous said: You seem like a really great dude, I like following you, but WOW. "It ends with slavery." Ugh.

Hey! I genuinely appreciate the compliment and the commentary! And believe me, I’m well aware that I often speak in hyperbole. I totally get that.

I also understand that it’s a tough word to hear or read, and due to historical context it evokes a very specific, racially charged image - this is not my intent. My use of the term is more metaphorical: lack of liberty or personal freedom, pre-ordained roles in life, fissure-like devision in economic classes, inescapable social strata. I’m speaking more about a slavery of the mind, that sort of thing.

I keep telling people that the world is starting to feel like “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. I get that it sounds paranoid. Sorry for upsetting you! Thanks for reading!

  1. storyofasinkingship said: jesus christ, if only you spoke like this in person, dickhead. you could be the president of walmart!
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